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How to create a private internal podcast for your team, company, organization

Can podcasts be private? Yes! Here's how employers can create a private/internal podcast for their employees.

Private podcast tutorial video:

How does a private podcast work?

If you're starting an internal podcast for your company you probably don't want to make the podcast publicly accessible.

What you'll want to do is create a private podcast RSS feed that allows your employees to:

  • Subscribe to the podcast in their podcast player (Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts)
  • Receive new episodes on their phone
  • Download episodes on their phone for offline listening.

How to create an internal podcast for your team

In Transistor, you can make any podcast feed private and password-protected:

You can use this feature if you don’t want the feed to be discoverable on the web (or in podcast apps). Only your employees with the password will be able to listen to the podcast in their podcast player.

How to record audio for your private podcast feed

You can record your weekly podcast however you’d like:

  • On your desktop, with a fancy microphone
  • Or, simply record using your “Voice memos” app on your phone

Once you're done recording, upload your audio to Transistor straight from your phone or computer. Transistor will turn it into a podcast episode, and publish it to your private employee feed.

Employees get notified in their podcast app, or by email, that a new episode is available.

Companies that are using this are finding these audio updates are much more personal and “human” compared to traditional email updates.

How to share the private podcast with your employees

We recommend that you write your employees a welcome email that looks like this:

Hey team!

We're launching a new podcast, just for our organization's stakeholders.

To subscribe to the podcast, copy this URL:

Then, follow these steps:

In iTunes (Desktop)

1. Open iTunes
2. Select "Podcasts" from the dropdown menu
3. Go to the "File" menu and select "Subscribe to podcast"
4. In the "URL" field, paste in the feed URL you copied earlier.
5. Now, every time a new episode comes out, you'll be able to listen in iTunes!

This video tutorial shows you how to subscribe to a private feed on your mobile phone in Apple Podcasts, Overcast, and Pocket Casts

Remember, this feed is private. Please don't share it outside the organization!

Thank you.

You can also send them this video tutorial, which shows them how to add a private feed to their favorite podcast app.

Note: Anything that's published on the public internet carries the risk of being discovered, and shared, by non-intended recipients. (Even when it's password protected). 

This is especially true for podcasts because audio files are downloaded by individuals to their podcast players. 

This means anything you publish on your private podcast could be re-shared. Exercise your discretion when publishing content on private podcasts!


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