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How to submit your podcast to iTunes and Apple Podcasts

The most important channel for your podcast will be iTunes and the Apple Podcasts ecosystem.

Note: We recommend that you submit to Apple Podcasts yourself so that you own your listing on Apple. (If you let an app or hosting provider submit it for you, you'll lose control of that listing!)

Here is the process we recommend for submitting your show and improve its chance of getting into New & Noteworthy.

A few recommendations before submitting to iTunes:

  1. You'll need at least one episode published in your RSS feed before you submit to iTunes.
  2. In your Show Settings, make sure you've chosen at least one category (up to 2 max)
  3. In your Show Settings, upload your show's artwork. Apple requires artwork and recommends an image of 3000x3000 pixels. (for all those fancy retina displays)

Step 1: Apple Podcast Connect

Go to Apple's Podcast Connect site, and log in with your Apple ID. (If you want to create a new one, go here).

If you create a new Apple account, make sure you verify it.

Once logged in, you'll see a screen that looks like this:

Step 2: Grab your podcast's RSS feed URL

Log into your Transistor account. On the dashboard, you'll see a link to your RSS feed. Copy that URL.

Step 3: Paste your RSS feed URL into Podcast Connect

Now go back to Apple's Podcast Connect. Paste in your URL, and click "Validate:"

Step 3: Review the feed details

Apple will give you a preview of your podcast's information, including any episodes you have in the feed. 

If everything on the feed looks correct, click "Submit."

You’ll need to wait 24-48 hours (or longer) for Apple to email you a confirmation email.

Step 4: Start promoting

Once it’s live, it’s time to start hustling. You need to get as much initial traction you get (rating, downloads, subscribes) will determine how you rank in iTunes.

  1. Write your friends individually, and ask them to rate the show on Apple Podcasts or in iTunes.
  2. Link directly to your Apple Podcasts show when sharing on Twitter.

Note: Once you've submitted your feed to Apple, they'll check it periodically for new episodes. However, sometimes it can take them 1-2 hours to refresh the feed; if your episode hasn't shown up yet, just be patient. It shouldn't take longer than 2 hours after you've published on Transistor.

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